Sweets Deco Galore at Tokyo Hobby Show 2012

“Sweets Deco” or “Sweets Decorations” is a therapeutic hobby for all ages. This hobby involves making sweet treat replicas. It is also called “Fake Sweets” as those inedible sweet treats are mostly made with clays. This hobby originated from Japan and it’s gaining popularity around the globe.

Our main purpose for attending Tokyo Hobby Show was to be there personally to witness wonderful creations by talented Japanese crafters. We missed the 1st Sweets & Deco Creation in year 2011. Here we are for the 2nd Sweets & Deco Creation 2012! Indeed, it was an eye-opener for us. We were totally smitten by those Kawaii fake sweet projects on displayed. We also had opportunities to shake hand and talk to famous sweets deco artists on floor.

That’s a really tall macarons tower. In fact, there were three macarons towers of different colour schemes.

Sweets Deco ‘N’ Golden Frames

Pretty Works by Pastel Sweets

Pastel Sweets is one of the very famous sweets deco brands in Japan. The artist Maya Sekiguchi is also our favourite artist. She is a very talented pretty young lady who wrote a lot of sweets deco clay instructional books.

Delectable Sweet Treats by Milky Ribbon

Milky Ribbon’s Kei Yamada is another famous sweets deco artist. Like pastel sweets, her works were featured in a number of books.  We watched her sweets deco live demo at Takara Tomy’s booth.

Her fair, her nail and her clothes were decorated with pretty sweets deco accessories.

Dolce Deco

Dolce Deco is another famous sweets deco brand in Japan. The author yukari kumagai likes to make life-size sweets deco items.

For more pictures taken during the show, visit our facebook photo album “Tokyo Hobby Show Sweets Deco Creations 2012″.

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